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Avishai Maimon

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Avishai Maimon has been treating animals and people from all walks of life with his extensive knowledge and experience regarding massaging, stretching and magnetic therapy. He has traveled to various parts of the world to treat, teach, train and volunteer in medical missions.  

His new book, Book of Advice, provides guidance and encouragement for those who are in need. Short and to the point advice about life matters, how to deal with life obstacles and challenges from those who prospered against all odds. 


Bio- Magnetic Therapy 

Biomagnetic therapy is an non-invasive, alternative holistic practice that uses the application of magnets to specific parts of the body to aid the body in self-healing.


Iridology is the study of the structure of the iris or colored part of the eye and the pupil border and how they correspond to the systems of the body.  


Guided Meditation 

Journey deep into the subconscious mind with guided mediation led by Avishai Maimon.  Release negative emotions gently and make room for positive growth through visualization and actualize your true potential. 


Stretch Class 

Release stored tension and stress through stretching with Avishai Maimon's stretch class. 



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Avishai Maimon is based out in Southern California but has traveled the world to share his unique gifts for healing with others. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on tours, book signings, events and more! 

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