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My experience and knowledge in Thai massage includes working with people from all walks of life such as athletes, manual laborers, dancers, and office employees, treating various related injuries and chronic discomfort. All massages will be provided with clothing on only. Massage will be provided on a Thai massage mat.


We offer Thai massage in a tranquil environment where therapists and clients do not chat loudly.



Thai massage is a form of therapeutic massage that differs in many ways from traditional massage. Instead of lying on a massage table, you lie on a mat on the floor while the provider massages and stretches your body using certain techniques such as pressure points and massage tools, to release tension, fatigue and improve flexibility.


1 hour(30 mins.)


  • Are there any side effects to this therapies?
    There are no known side effects, at the most tiredness a day or after or feeling of realizing a burden after a day or two.
  • Is the therapies offered are invasive?
    None of the therapies offered are invasive.
  • Should I ignore conventional medicine advice?
    Not at all always follow the doctors advice. We are all putting the same effort in the healing process.
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