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As an Addiction counselor and certified hypnotherapist, I have an understanding of how effective accessing what is unconsciously hidden deep inside can be. I can work with you to understand what is burdening you and assist you in easing that burden so you can move forward. Hypnosis can help with overcoming fears, obstacles, blockages, and challenges, releasing past negative experiences, gaining lucidity, re-establishing self-esteem, gaining new insights about life, and positive affirmation suggestions.



Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic practice that uses guided suggestion to help clients reach clarity and understanding. This state is similar to being completely absorbed in a book, movie, music, or even one's own thoughts or meditations. Clinical hypnotherapy is typically performed in a calm, therapeutic environment. During the session, the therapist may guide you through recognizing a problem, releasing problematic thoughts or responses, and considering and ideally accepting suggested alternate responses before returning to normal awareness.


Note that hypnotherapy is not a form of mind control. Clients remain completely awake throughout hypnotherapy sessions and should be able to fully recall their experiences. They also fully retain their free will.


60-Minute Hypnotherapy Session


90-Minute Hypnotherapy Session


90-Minute Full Recharge Package Hypnosis with Magnetic Therapy


  • Are there any side effects to this therapies?
    There are no known side effects, at the most tiredness a day or after or feeling of realizing a burden after a day or two.
  • Is the therapies offered are invasive?
    None of the therapies offered are invasive.
  • Should I ignore conventional medicine advice?
    Not at all always follow the doctors advice. We are all putting the same effort in the healing process.
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