Upper Back Massage


Massage therapists are often caught between the heartbreak of turning away someone who needs help, and the uncertainty of how to work with them safely.

In massage school, you might have learned that massage would spread the disease, or you might have heard later that cancer was a flat-out massage contraindication. Perhaps you were told that massage could be done with permission from the client’s physician. Or maybe you figured it out on your own, but you’ve worked in isolation, without support or reinforcement of your skills.


Massage Therapy classes were designed to provide students with the philosophical foundation and technical skills required to perform therapeutic massage. The program is designed to develop knowledge and skills to manage a private massage practice and/or work in collaboration with other health field professionals.

They're designed to provide the essential skills to become a bodywork practitioner. Curriculum focuses on integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our students. We provides a hands-on opportunity for students to improve their skills in a professional-type atmosphere under the guidance of a licensed therapist/instructor.


Skills and knowledge gained in the program include the ability to:

  • Explain the physiology, benefits, indications, and contraindications and effects of the basic massage techniques

  • Appraise and refine therapeutic massage techniques to cultivate mastery of skills, abilities, and aptitudes.

  • Describe and demonstrate the attachments, actions, therapeutic stretches, and palpation of trigger points of skeletal muscles.

  • Perform a complete body massage appropriate for the client.

  • Use massage therapy skills in a clinical setting under the direct supervision of a site director and the program coordinator.

Image by Rusty Watson


"Very healing experience. Avishai was wonderful 🙏🏼"

- RJ Stroud